HPE PTSO - Family Donation

Our PTSO relies on the amazing support you provide to our school and we are very appreciative of all that each of you do for Highland Park Elementary.  We are committed to making our school the best it can be! We are so grateful to our HPE families who have already donated to our PTSO.  We have raised ¼ of what we need to not have a large fundraiser this year.  We would like to reach out to all of you in hopes that we could rally together to do a different type of event this year- a donation drive!  We are asking that each family donates a minimum of $25 to our PTSO so that we can continue to provide the students and staff with needed technology, teacher support, and family activities. 

This year looks much different for all of us, but not having to worry about a large fundraising event to raise the needed money for our school will take a large strain off our shoulders. Unfortunately, if we do not raise the money we need via this donation drive, we will have to cut costs related to new classroom technology, teacher appreciation, new library books, school community events, new playground/P.E. equipment and school improvements. 

Thank you for your support,

HPE PTSO: Julie Pickrell, Kim Harpster, Erin Fullmer, Rylee Sturgeon, Ashley Palmer and Kori Rockwell

 ** HPE PTSO retains 100% of all proceeds. Online donations are available through Venmo @hpe-ptso or on our website at https://shop-hpeptso.square.site/ **

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Instead of clipping directly from the items we buy for our family, simply upload your receipt via the Box Tops for Education App on your phone. Once you have registered your App to Highland Park Elementary School in Gilbert, download all receipts and the items that qualify go directly to our account. Also, earn box tops with digital receipts from online shopping and grocery delivery. You can also keep track of our school’s earnings, see how much you have raised, and so much more. https://www.boxtops4education.com/

We have teamed up with Golfland Sunsplash in Mesa to offer a special deal. Not only will you receive discounted rates, but HPE will receive a portion of the proceeds. To purchase, please visit https://vip.golfland.com/GreenHornets  Tickets for golf, Sunsplash or other activities must be purchased online to receive this promotional value.

Make any purchase at anytime at any American Family Warehouse location, online or by phone. AFW will donate 2% on all purchases and 4% on any Simmons/Beautyrest purchases. When you are ordering/purchasing your items be sure to mention Highland Park Elementary- Gilbert or ID#HPGAZ9 https://www.afw.com/

A Pogo Pass is a 1-year membership (from date of purchase) for FREE admission (one per person) to tons of Phoenix Valley venues such as Fat Cats, Idea Museum, the Phoenix Zoo, Diamondback games, and MUCH more.
Use our unique PTSO code “HPE” and each pass is only $40 (retails for over $100). Even better, with each pass purchased with our code, HPE earns $5.  www.pogopass.com

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