Transformyou is an Arizona weight loss, hormone, age management and wellness practice, committed to helping you effectively change the way you look and feel. Whether you are looking for a complete lifestyle change or hormone optimization, we have the solutions. Our all-inclusive medical weight loss programs help you shed pounds. Our hormone and peptide therapies can be your solution to restore energy, recover from injuries, and maintain and build muscle. Our age management therapies keep you looking and feeling youthful. We are fortunate to have many fine health care and weight loss options and welcome the chance to work with you. Transformyou serves patients in the metro Phoenix Arizona area as well as across the country. All patients always work directly with one of our physicians to ensure patient safety and confidentiality.

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Dr. Jared Cattron spent many years as a general dentist, he gained a unique perspective that makes him a great pediatric dentist.  It was while working with kids and adults in a low-income clinic that he found his true mission.  He was heartbroken to find so many of his adult patients had experienced traumatizing dental experiences as children and now avoided the dentist at all costs.  They typically came in only when the pain and infection was so severe, it became necessary to extract their teeth.  These adult patients were eager to bring their children to a kid dentist they trusted.  Their children often had severe cavities but the visits went well.  Dr. Cattron loved how a smile, a high five and a hug could turn even a difficult dental visit into a positive experience for these kids. Dr. Cattron knew he could make the greatest impact by giving each child an amazing dental experience and not fear coming to the dentist.  Ever since, his passion has been pediatric dentistry.

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Gilbert, AZ 85234
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You have a smile that was meant to light up a room. A big, friendly smile that comes easy and often. A smile that was meant to be yours all along. And now it can be. The orthodontic professionals you’ll meet here at Nathan Davis are some of the most respected in Arizona, if not the country. As you’d expect, we use all the latest techniques and technological breakthroughs that are revolutionizing orthodontia. But what you might find surprising is just how much fun we make this whole transformation. We’re going to be seeing a lot of each other, so we might as well share a few laughs along the way. And when we’re done, your smile is going to do what it was meant to do all along—make everyone around you smile, too.


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Ste. 128
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The mission of Macdonald Orthodontics is to provide the highest quality of orthodontics in Mesa and Gilbert in an atmosphere of caring service. In addition, it is our goal to respect our patient's time.  We use the highest quality appliances and the best technology to treat and educate our patients.  We pride ourselves on the excellence of our staff and the results we deliver. Our practice is a full-service orthodontic office. All orthodontic records are obtained in-office, and appliances and retainers are made by our in-house lab, allowing us to make sure our patients receive the highest quality products and treatments.


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Gilbert, AZ 85234



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